I am both humbled and honored to have been selected to be Hancock Park area’s local expert by the Designated Local Expert™ Network, as only one member is selected per locale for major cities throughout the United States. I was selected because of my unique ability to understand and sell Hancock Park area’s lifestyle and its properties to help home owners sell for the most money, in quickest time frame and at the most favorable terms. I have access to the eXp Realty Global Agent Network, the largest real estate network in the world and exclusive marketing platforms which allows me to consistently drive more buyer traffic to home owners and negotiate for the highest price when selling properties and secure homes for buyers for the most favorable terms.

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S. Riznyk
S. Riznyk
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I have had the pleasure of dealing with Remo on two occasions: on the purchase of my home about 7 years ago, and again the sale this month. In the meantime, the relationship we developed in the purchase of my home created a friendship. I am involved in a number of businesses and the problem I face on a weekly basis is that I deal with people who...
Monte Gibbs
Monte Gibbs
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Remo Packer represents, both as an individual and as a business professional, the uncommon experience in searching for a home or property...the trusted advisor. Remo consistently provides wisdom, personality, integrity, commitment and an ext...

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How to Leverage Real Estate
Real Estate Tips

How to Leverage Real Estate

Leveraging is a simple real estate investing strategy that involves borrowing money to purchase property and increase returns. In the same way, a lever multiplies

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Christina - "Ms. Hancock Park" has lived and worked in Hancock Park area, for over 21 years. No one understands the Hancock Park Real Estate Market better than Christina "Ms. Hancock Park". That's why she was given the "Designated Local Expert" certification. Check out her reviews and give her a call for all your Hancock Park area Real Estate Needs.

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