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5 Crucial Steps to Take Before and After Closing When Working with a Top Real Estate Agent

5 Crucial Steps to Take Before and After Closing When Working with a Top Real Estate Agent

Your real estate journey doesn’t end on the day of closing. Here are important actions to
consider that connect your estate investment and lifestyle goals with the guidance of a
notch real estate agent.
1. Plan, for Pre-Closing Renovations
It’s rare for a property to be moved in after signing the contract. By the time you finalize
the deal, you usually have a vision of how you want to customize and improve the
home. By waiting until after closing it’s wise to involve professionals. Collaborate with
contractors. Get quotes for necessary upgrades through private consultation or before
the final walkthrough. If possible complete tasks like floor sanding, painting, or minor
fixes before moving. Your real estate agent can also connect you with tradespeople who
can assist you.
2. Arrange Utility Setup
Assuming that utilities will be fully functional when you move in can be risky. Even
though some utility companies offer grace periods there might be a gap, between when
the seller cancels their services and when yours get activated. This could potentially
leave you without power during times if an out of town seller canceled their services
upon removing contingencies. To avoid situations make sure to contact utility providers
in advance of closing to establish service arrangements.
If the seller hasn’t canceled the deal remind them to address this issue
3. Secure Your New Home, with Upgraded Locks
It’s important to assume that multiple individuals might have copies of keys to your
place. During the time it was listed the seller’s real estate agent may have given copies
to assistants, contractors or others. To protect your property it is recommended to hire a
locksmith as you receive the keys.
4. Start Fresh with Professional Cleaning
Arriving at your home only to find it inadequately cleaned can be disappointing. To
prepare for the worst case scenario consider hiring cleaners after closing. Even if the
seller has done some cleaning their standards might not meet yours. Having an
environment will set a tone for your new lifestyle and save you from having to clean
while unpacking.
5. Get Help with Adjustments and Settling In
Moving involves tasks that can be overwhelming. Arranging artwork, placing furniture
correctly and setting up design elements can be challenging on your own. While it might
seem like an indulgence, allocating a budget for assistance in these areas can reduce
stress. Make settling in easier. Collaborating with a handyman, contractor or designer
will ensure a transition into your lifestyle.
Plan Ahead, for ResultsAs the day of your closing draws near you might start feeling
tired.. If you take some time to prepare in advance it will pay off in terms of saving time,
money and giving you a sense of peace. Take an approach to seamlessly blend your
real estate investment with the lifestyle you desire, with the assistance of a top notch
real estate agent.

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