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Enhance your lifestyle and property value by adding a shower. It's easier than you might think!

Enhance your lifestyle and property value by adding a shower. It’s easier than you might think!

Outdoor showers are not a luxury for beach houses; they can bring joy to anyone
who appreciates the beauty of nature. Whether you love gardening, enjoy a rinse
after a workout. Simply seeking a unique bathing experience installing an outdoor
shower can be a valuable upgrade for your property.
The great news is that outdoor showers are accessible to almost everyone and
the complexity and cost can vary based on your preferences. Starting with a
shower that only has cold water can cost as little as $1,000. If you desire
something like an enclosure with both hot and cold water options the cost might
range from $4,000 to $8,000.
Here are five important factors to consider when starting your shower project;
1. Location Matters:
Begin by choosing the location. Opt for a spot that you will frequently use.
Whether it’s near the entrance of your home on the back deck area or close to
your pool, for pre and post swim rinses.
Make sure you place your shower, near existing plumbing for installation. Also
choose a spot to prevent mold and mildew while enjoying the warmth during your
2. Privacy and Aesthetics: When it comes to privacy and aesthetics, find the
balance between an atmosphere and an open feel. You can opt for freestanding
folding screens on your deck or patio as they offer flexibility and convenience.
Another idea is to create a shower corner” near a pool or garden using
corrugated metal wing walls. For a touch consider enclosing your shower with
wooden walls.
3. Plumbing
Consider the plumbing options that suit both your needs and budget. If you only
plan to use the shower in summer a basic setup with water connected to a
garden hose will suffice. If you want the luxury of cold water all year round it’s
best to have a plumber install a hot water faucet alongside the cold one. If you
anticipate use of the shower, think about having it plumbed in properly; just
remember insulation is crucial if you face freezing winters.
4. Efficient drainage:
Efficient drainage is essential for your shower. The simplest approach is allowing
the water to drain into your yard if the soil is porous enough or if there’s distance
from your house. However if these conditions aren’t met or if the shower is close
to your home consider connecting it to your house’s drainage pipes or installing a
drain system for water disposal. Another eco-friendly option worth considering is
recycling the water into your garden.
5. To add some charm and personalization:
Don’t forget about accessories! You have plenty of options like installing hooks
for towels and robes or adding some plants around the shower area for
beauty.Transform your shower experience by incorporating elements. Install a
large rainfall shower head to achieve an outdoor ambiance. Infuse a touch of
nature by adding plants or flowers to the shower area or enclosure. For evening
showers soft solar powered lights create an atmosphere while hooks, for towels
and wet bathing suits help keep things organized. Consider including a chair, for
relaxation. Design your shower to offer views of the sky or your backyard garden.
By planning and putting in some effort you can create your own outdoor oasis
enhancing the appeal of your property and making the most of sunny months.
This addition will not elevate your lifestyle. Also add value to your real estate
investment. Moreover, involving the expertise of a real estate agent can ensure
that your outdoor shower aligns perfectly with your long term property goalS

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