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How To Measure Your Homes Square Footage

How To Measure Your Homes Square Footage?

By measuring the exterior walls of your home to calculate the area the gross building area can be easily calculated. For additional stories, you can multiply by two or more. Space that is livable inside is the most important measurement.
Pick tools in your hand and let’s start measuring:

1. Know what you’re measuring:

It can vary when you measure your home’s square footage and how another person measures it. To report the gross square footage of a home many professionals in the building and construction industry can report. To get the total footprint of the structure on the property it measures with exterior walls. Space taken up by the walls and other parts are not considered habitable and they aren’t measured in net square footage.

2. Work room by room:

For the total square footage of the home calculate the interior living area and calculate the area of each and then add them together. To get the straightest line for a room measure where the wall and floor meet.

3. Determine the room’s shape and measure accordingly


Square or rectangle:

The easiest way to measure square footage is to start with a square or rectangle you might remember this from your middle school math class. Most of the rooms in your house are simple boxes if you’re lucky enough. By multiplying the length of the room by the width in feet calculate the square footage.

Square or rectangle with extras:

By breaking a room down into smaller rectangles, you can make the process easier if you have an oddly shaped room. From the rest of the room measure a nook separately.


Multiply the base and height of a right triangle and divide by two to measure the triangular part of the room. If the triangle isn’t already at a right angle note that you may need to measure the triangle in two parts.


You’ll need to calculate the area by using the formula for the area of a circle if all or part of the room is rounded. Calculate a complete circle area for particularly circular rooms and then divide the area accordingly. For instance, when one side of the room makes half a circle then you can divide the circle area by two and then add the rest of the room’s area.

4.Add measurements together:

Keep it in mind to not forget to add all the areas for the shapes together and calculate the square footage for the whole room. To determine the square footage of the interior of the house repeat throughout your house and don’t forget to include hallways and closets.

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