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18 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

18 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Owning your home brings a mix of joy and challenges. From the satisfaction of painted walls, to dealing with that leaky faucet every homeowner needs a reliable toolbox to navigate the inevitable obstacles. However with the abundance of tools and gadgets available it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin.. Fret not my fellow DIY enthusiasts! This guide will equip you with the 18 must have tools that every homeowner should possess transforming you from a beginner handyman into a home improvement champion.

The Essential Toolbox;

  • Hammer; Undoubtedly the ruler of all tools a hammer tackles a range of tasks, such as hanging pictures driving nails and even prying stubborn doors. Opting for a claw hammer adds versatility.
  • Screwdriver Set; This dynamic duo is crucial for tightening screws assembling furniture and fixing fixtures. Make sure to choose a set that includes both Phillips and flathead screwdrivers in sizes.
  • Tape Measure; This trusty companion ensures precision when measuring furniture or laying out flooring. Look for one with self locking functionality and a sturdy blade.
  • Level; Say goodbye to shelves and uneven picture frames with the help of a level. Consider using a spirit level for surfaces and a torpedo level, for tasks.

Looking for studs? A stud finder can help you locate them effortlessly preventing the frustration of drilling into walls. Opt for a stud finder that has detection features allowing you to also locate wires and pipes.

When it comes to tasks a good pair of pliers is essential. With them you can grip, bend and twist your way through projects. Combination pliers are particularly handy as they offer both needle nose and regular pliers in one tool.

Say goodbye to needing a set of wrenches by using a wrench. This versatile tool can tackle nuts and bolts of sizes.

Moving beyond the basics a utility knife is perfect, for cutting through materials like cardboard or carpet. Consider choosing one with blades for lasting use.

To illuminate corners or hidden spaces during your projects rely on a flashlight. If you need your hands free while working headlamps are especially helpful.

Keep your tools organized and within reach by using a tool belt. Look for one with pockets and adjustable straps to ensure comfort during use.

Don’t forget about safety! Protect yourself from dust, debris and potential injuries by wearing safety glasses and gloves while working.

For projects that require power tools invest in a good drill along with a set of drill bits. This will allow you to tackle heavy duty tasks such, as drilling into walls or furniture. Additionally consider getting a purpose drill that can also be used for driving screws or mixing materials.

Circular Saw;

Achieve cuts, in wood and various materials using a saw. Opt for one that offers depth and angle options for versatility.
Jigsaw; Skillfully navigate cutting tasks with a jigsaw. It’s perfect for shaping curves, contours and countertops.

Maintenance and Improvement;

  • Paint Set; Revitalize your walls, furniture and trim by utilizing a paint set. Select brushes for surfaces while rollers work wonders on larger areas.
  • Caulk and Sealant; Enhance energy efficiency seal leaks. Prevent drafts with the help of a gun and high quality caulk.
  • Basic Plumbing Tools; Easily handle plumbing issues such as unclogging drains or fixing faucets with essential tools like a wrench, plunger and plumbing tape.
  • Ladder; Safely access shelves clean gutters effectively and tackle to reach areas using a sturdy ladder that matches the required height and weight capacity.


Consider this as just the beginning! As you gain experience and undertake projects over time your toolbox will naturally expand. Invest in tools that offer longevity and don’t hesitate to seek assistance if you encounter tasks beyond your skillset.

Embrace the DIY spirit alongside your homeowners! With the tools at your disposal along, with knowledge acquired through experience. Coupled with a touch of bravery. You can conquer any home improvement challenge that comes your way.. Whenever you find yourself in need of some assistance just keep in mind that our team of experienced local experts is always available to lend a helping hand. We provide a range of coaching programs specifically tailored for estate ensuring that you have the necessary skills and understanding to confidently navigate the process of homeownership. Get in touch with us today. Let us assist you in transforming your do it yourself aspirations, into reality!

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