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Can You Be A Part Time Real Estate Agent

Can You Be A Part Time Real Estate Agent?

For many people, being a real estate agent is their dream job. Most people think that an agent’s job is straightforward: You show houses, negotiate offers and make thousands of dollars per sale. Having made your millions, you retire at 35 like a real estate tycoon! A REALTOR must do a lot of work behind the scenes that the average person does not see.

As an entry point into real estate, you may be attracted to the prospect of working part-time as a real estate agent. There is a very good reason why most experts recommend entering the real estate field this way…

Part-time real estate agents can determine whether they enjoy it and if it is the right career for them – all while taking minimal financial risks.


You need to consider the pros and cons of your new career after deciding whether it’s right for you.


A major benefit of this line of work is flexibility, which is particularly appealing to parents. You have a bit of flexibility when it comes to your schedule, even having the option to do some work on the go.

There is a little more flexibility in this profession when it comes to taking time off. When you’re unable to work, having a fellow agent whom you trust can fill in for you is helpful.

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to the idea of being able to build their own businesses. Since most part-time realtors are independent contractors, being a part-time agent gives you a level of freedom that few others have.

Whether you run a small or large business, it’s all up to you. The success of some individuals may inspire them to start their own team or brokerage, while others may choose to remain a one-man show.

The amount of work you put in can often directly correlate with the success you see in this field. Additional income will give you financial stability. The most significant benefit of working as a part-time realtor is probably the most obvious.

It will reduce the stress most feel when starting a new business if you have a primary job while working as a realtor. Additionally, this allows you to try this career without risking a significant financial loss.


The drawbacks of working as a part-time agent are no different from any other good thing.


Disclosing that you are a part-time real estate agent can raise clients’ doubts about your commitment. You may be accused by clients of not being dedicated to them or choosing part-time work because you are inexperienced.

To win over hesitant clients, it is often best to focus on great customer service and dedication to your clients. It won’t take long for them to see the benefits of part-time realtors as well if you can impress them.

When you’re just starting out, finding a good brokerage can be difficult. It may be a disadvantage for those seeking to join a broker if they are part-time. Generally, they won’t hire part-time realtors with less workload than their full-time counterparts.

The good news is that there are still good brokerages available for part-timers. Be persistent in your search for a broker who offers mentorship, teams, and a wide range of training opportunities.

There is no get-rich-quick scheme here. Many people believe that selling a few big properties is all it takes to strike it rich as a realtor. There is no doubt that this is a challenging and rewarding career. A great deal of effort and work will be required.


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