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How Hard Is Real Estate Exam

How Hard Is Real Estate Exam?

Before you can launch your career as an agent or broker as a real estate agent you need to pass your state’s real estate exam. You can not skip this step if you are a good or a poor test taker. However, you might wonder “How hard is real estate exam?” The answer depends on how well you prepare.

 Real estate exams are quite challenging tests therefore they require the right preparation. Before you can get your real estate license the state exam for real estate brokers and agents must be passed. Good preparation is vital.


 How Hard Is Real Estate Exam?

 The reason for real estate exams is to identify people who aren’t likely to be skilled agents by making them difficult to pass the test. The state exams vary in pass rates, throughout the country it generally hovers around 50%. Only half of those who take the state licensing exam pass.

 Several reasons are behind this. Sometimes when an applicant just isn’t good at taking tests. There are times when they fail to receive approved real estate education because they do not understand the material. Since there is a fee for this test it’s best not to fail it.


 What Makes the Real Estate Exam Hard?


 Tricky worded questions

 There will be several tricky questions on the real estate exam. It includes double negatives, confusing wordplay, and another wordplay that are used to trick you. Make sure you read each question carefully so you can pass the test. 


 Questions with unnecessary information

 Test takers will be stumped by questions that include unnecessary information. Questions include scenarios where you are required to apply a particular concept to. The question gives you too much information during the explanation of the scenario. 

You are being tested on your ability to apply concepts to real-life scenarios on the exam. The ability to differentiate between valuable and irrelevant information is key to success on the exam.


 Memorizing concepts and terminology

 Another thing that makes the exams more challenging is people have difficulty recalling terminology or concepts. The students must memorize as many terms as possible during their studies. Short-term memory will cost you when it comes to remembering concepts and terms. It will hurt you.

 The thing which will help you is that you learn and understand terms and concepts related to the real estate exams so that you mold what you know around the question. You will not be able to solve it if the question is worded tricky or has unnecessary information.


 Time limit pressure

The big thing that matters is time limit pressure. You have three hours to complete the real estate exam. You might think that’s a long time. You will see that it does not seem like enough time after seeing all 150 questions and how confusing they can be. You will have limited time to complete the exam, don’t panic. It will not provide any benefit. It happens all the time. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the easy questions then move forward.

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