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How Much Does Real Estate License Cost

How Much Does Real Estate License Cost?

If you are looking for how much does a real estate license cost, then this blog post is for you. It costs around $500 to $1,200 which includes licensing fees, exam fees, pre-licensing education, and background checks. However, it varies largely by state.

To ensure fairness, consistency, and professionalism states have long regulated the real estate industry. You must hold a real estate license which means to operate as a real estate agent in the US.

Whenever you want to get a real estate license you should pass pre-licensing and its exams. There are some financial costs to getting a real estate license because states and their education partners charge for services.

There is not one answer about how much a real estate license costs because every state has its own cost. In this blog posts California, Texas, and Florida real estate license costs are discussed. According to NAR figures these three states have the largest populations of realtors.



Real estate applicants in California must be at least 18 years old and they must disclose any criminal or disciplinary action. All the applicants are required to take 135 hours of college-level real estate prep courses.

In California, the exam fee is $60, and the license fee is $245. In California, several education providers offer licensing courses. Applicants have several options in which they can choose their suitable ranging from $150 for materials only to more than $1,000.

The total cost to get a real estate license in California would be $750 assuming a standard base package of $400.



In Texas, the exam fee is $54. And the license cost is $205. $37 costs by TREC for fingerprinting and $27 for the background check and $10 for the recovery fee. The total cost to get a real estate license in Texas is around $762.



In Florida, the state charges $36.75 for the exam and $83.75 for the license. And the total cost to get a real estate license in Florida would be around $570.5.


Bottom Line

Above mentioned costs only cover the necessary to get a real estate license. During the licensing process, candidates may incur various other costs.  For a pre-licensing course various candidates must purchase the notebooks, books and computer etc.

Those of you who need to repeat a licensing course or exam must pay additional fees. Once you have it there are also costs to maintain your license. Call your state real estate commission in order to find the best way to know precisely how much to budget for getting your real estate license and speak to other agents in your community.


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