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How to Visualize Your Way to Success This Year

How to Visualize Your Way to Success This Year

Welcome to the year 2024! As we’ve discussed this year holds significance for individuals as it presents opportunities that can shape the future in significant ways. To kick off this year I’d like to address a topic that often goes overlooked by individuals. The art of visualization.

Before delving into the “how ” it is important to grasp the why.” So lets jump in…

The Influence of Visualization

In a study conducted by the University of Chicago in 1996 three selected groups of individuals were assigned to shoot basketball free throws. The researchers recorded their scores. Then provided each group with instructions, before reconvening after 30 days;

  • The first group was instructed to do nothing other than refrain from playing basketball.
  • Group 2 was instructed to practice shooting free throws for 30 minutes daily.
  • Group 3 was instructed not to practice. Instead spend 30 minutes daily mentally visualizing themselves successfully making free throw shots.

Upon reconvening Group 1 exhibited no change while Group 2 demonstrated an improvement of 24%.. Here’s where it gets really intriguing… Group 3 who hadn’t even touched a basketball but visualized throws achieved an astonishingly close 23% improvement.

There are other studies, like this one that demonstrate how repeatedly visualizing success can lead to enhanced performance.

So if necessary convince yourself first. Then lets delve into the steps of how you can visualize victories and make them a reality throughout this year…

How to Visualize Step 1; Establish Your Goal

It always comes down to setting goals doesn’t it? That’s because your goals act as a roadmap for achieving what you desire and serve as the guiding intention for your life. Visualization is a tool that accelerates your progress towards those goals.

Since visualization involves experiencing something that hasn’t happened yet it’s crucial to be incredibly specific, about what you want in order to create an image in your mind.

Of desiring more money describe what you would do with that money and how your life would be when you have it. Regardless of what it may be you need to “show” yourself than just “tell.”

To effectively visualize it is essential to achieve a state of relaxation. This has been recognized throughout history from wisdom, to science. When we relax our brainwaves shift from the beta frequency to the alpha frequency often referred to as the “flow state.” Scientific research has demonstrated that this alpha frequency is associated with performance.

An interesting example comes from Thomas Edison, who employed relaxation techniques when facing problems with his inventions. Edison would contemplate these issues while in a state sitting in his chair and holding metal balls in each hand. As he gradually drifted off to sleep with his arms dangling over the chairs edge the balls would fall onto a metal plate on the floor. Awaken him. In these moments of awakening he often found solutions to his problems.

Therefore before embarking on your visualization journey it is crucial to attain a state that allows you to imprint your desired images into your infinitely wise subconscious mind. To achieve this state of relaxation effectively follow this practice;

Find a place where you can sit without any disturbances while wearing clothing. If desired you may choose to listen to music or soothing tunes without vocals as background accompaniment. Begin by directing your focus towards your toes and envisioning the energy, within them. Then release any tension or stress accumulated in your toes.

Start by standing up. Gradually move your focus from your feet to your ankles, calves, thighs and so on until you reach the top of your head. Take the time to relax each part of your body individually envisioning them becoming pleasantly heavy and tranquil.

Sounds like it might take a while doesn’t it? Well not really. You can complete this process in a few minutes and it will prepare you for what comes next.

How to Visualize Step 3; Imagine a Scenario, in Your Mind

This is where you visualize yourself practicing achieving success and living the life you aspire to have. Dive into the parts where you’re engaged in conversations with clients and sealing deals. Picture yourself capturing and sharing an Instagram video before forwarding to when its receiving a great deal of engagement.

Naturally imagine the part where you’re earning the amount of money you desire. See yourself embracing the life that fulfills your wishes.

Incorporate all your senses; sight, touch, smell, taste, sound.

If negative thoughts cross your mind during this visualization exercise simply acknowledge them. Gently guide your focus back, on track.

Step 4; Integrating Appreciation and Positive Statements into Visualization

The objective of this process is to adjust your subconscious mind allowing it to guide and prepare you for immense success. It’s crucial to understand that the words we use hold power over our subconscious.

If you recall Shawn Achors talk on the advantage of happiness and gratitude during Summit 2023 you’ll understand why this step is vital.

While mentally experiencing these envisioned scenarios it’s important to incorporate statements and expressions of gratitude in the moment. For instance;

  • I find joy, fulfillment and achieve stability that enables me to live my dream life.
  • I’m extremely grateful, for attracting and converting new clients.
  • It’s remarkable how money I’ve been able to generate since I started sharing these videos on social media.

Visualization Alone Isn’t Sufficient

Let me emphasize again; mastering the art of visualization and practicing it consistently opens up a world of possibilities.

However it’s essential to remember that visualization alone cannot guarantee success. You must combine it with action taking actively seek opportunities, for self improvement enhance your skills and knowledge base and put in effort.
That’s the reason I’m embarking on a Roadmap Tour 2024 this year aiming to provide agents, with all the tools and resources to turn their envisioned goals into tangible achievements.

If I were, in your shoes I wouldn’t hesitate to come on board and join us.

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