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Moving to Fontana: Your comprehensive Relocation Guide

Moving to Fontana: Your comprehensive Relocation Guide

Fontana, California is a city nestled in the San Bernardino Valley. It attracts a range of residents including families, young professionals and retirees. With its climate welcoming community and abundant amenities Fontana offers a place to establish roots.

If you are contemplating a move, to Fontana here’s a guide to assist you in getting started:

Real Estate Market

The housing market in Fontana is currently thriving, with median home prices increasing. However there is still a selection of homes at various price points. Whether you’re searching for a home, an estate or something in between Fontana has something to suit your preferences.


Fontana comprises neighborhoods that each possess their own distinct charm. Some of the sought after neighborhoods include:

1- Citrus Heights: A family oriented community boasting amenities such, as parks, pools and community centers.
2- Fontana Lakes: A gated community offering views of the San Bernardino Mountains.
3- North Fontana: A neighborhood providing an array of housing options ranging from single family homes to apartments.
4- South Fontana: A neighborhood characterized by quaint homes and tree lined streets.

West Fontana is a neighborhood that offers a range of housing options and businesses. In terms of education Fontana takes pride in its regarded school district. The public schools are renowned for their excellence and wide array of activities.

Additionally, there are schools, like Aquinas High School and Summit Christian Academy in the area.

When it comes to entertainment and recreation Fontana has something for everyone. Whether you’re an enthusiast, history buff or someone who appreciates events there’s no shortage of things to do in this city.

Some of the attractions worth exploring in Fontana include the Auto Club Speedway, which hosts various exciting events throughout the year. For those in the history of trout fishing in California the California Steelhead Center offers an intriguing museum experience. The Fontana Heritage Center provides a glimpse into the history of both Fontana itself and its surrounding area. If you’re looking for activities Fontana Park boasts amenities such as playgrounds, basketball courts and scenic walking trails. Lastly. Certainly not least is Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center.

A notch medical facility offering a comprehensive range of services.

Now lets move on to some tips for your relocation, to Fontana:

1. It’s advisable to start your planning process in advance to ensure a transition.
2. This will give you time to explore neighborhoods search for a suitable home and pack your belongings safely.
3. Consider hiring a moving company to ensure the efficient transportation of your possessions.
4. Remember to update your address with the post office and other important organizations.
5. Don’t forget to update your drivers license and other identification documents
6. Try to get involved in the community by joining clubs volunteering or attending events that interest you.

In conclusion

Fontana offers a living environment with its climate, friendly residents and numerous amenities. It’s a place that caters to everyones needs.

If you’re planning on relocating to Fontana make sure to follow these tips for an stress free move.

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