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The Finest: Top 10 Neighborhoods to Call Home in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, located in Southern California is a community known for its thriving economy, beautiful beaches and diverse population. It’s no wonder that many people are drawn to the idea of living in Huntington Beach.

If you’re considering a move, to Huntington Beach you’ll have a variety of neighborhoods to choose from. Here are 10 of the neighborhoods in Huntington Beach;

1. Brentwood Westminster;

This neighborhood is conveniently located near the business district of Huntington Beach. It offers single family homes with views of the coastline. In addition there are parks, schools and shopping malls
[Source; Trulia. 6781 Brentwood Dr, Huntington Beach]

2. Newport Beach Heights;

Perched on a hilltop with views of both Newport Beach and Huntington Beach this community offers breathtaking vistas of the ocean and city skyline. You can find both single family homes and condominiums in Newport Beach Heights.
[Source; BCRE. Kings Road, Newport Beach]

3. Seal Beach Shores;

Situated south of Huntington Beach along the shoreline is Seal Beach Shores. This neighborhood boasts a range of houses, flats and condos. If you love being, near the beachfront Seal Shore Shores is a place to call home.

4. Old World Village;

Located in the heart of Huntington Beachs business district Old World Village offers a selection of craftsman style houses, flats and businesses. If you’re looking to be close, to the downtown scene in Huntington Beach, Old World Village is a place to call home.

5. Marina Pacifica;

Situated west of Huntington Beachs business district Marina Pacifica boasts a variety of condos, flats and townhomes. For those seeking proximity to the marina and the beach Marina Pacifica is definitely worth considering.

6. Cliffside Village;

Perched on a cliff with ocean views Cliffside Village offers an array of single family homes, condominiums and apartments. If you desire a living environment that showcases vistas of both the ocean and city skyline Cliffside Village should be, on your radar.

7. BellaTerra;

Located south of Huntington Beach you’ll find this planned neighborhood. It offers a variety of housing options, including houses, condos, flats as convenient stores and restaurants. If you’re looking for a community where everything’s, within reach Bella Terra is an excellent choice.

(Source: https;//www.udr.com/orange county apartments/huntington beach/the residences at bella terra/neighborhood/)

8. Tustin Ranch;

Situated a distance north of Huntington Beach is this neighborhood. You’ll discover an array of single family homes, condominiums and apartments in the area. If you desire to reside in a family community with top notch schools Tustin Ranch is definitely worth exploring.

(Source: https;//www.zillow.com/homedetails/2170 Chandler Dr Tustin CA 92782/25507857_zpid/)

9. Newland;

This neighborhood holds the distinction of being the one to Huntington Beach. It offers single family homes, condominiums and apartments for those seeking a place to call home with decent schools nearby. Newland truly stands out as a spot.

(Source: https;//www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes search/Newland_Huntington Beach_CA/overview)

10. Westminster;

Just a short distance west of Huntington Beach lies this city boasting an abundance of single family homes, condominiums and apartments for individuals looking for housing options.
If you’re seeking an place to live than Huntington Beach Westminster is a great option.

You can find information, about Westminster and its benefits on this website; [link]

Huntington Beach offers fantastic neighborhoods to choose from. Before making your decision it’s important to do your research and find the neighborhood that suits you best in this city.

Here are some tips to help you select the neighborhood in Huntington Beach:

1. Take a look at your finances. The cost of living varies across neighborhoods in Huntington Beach so it’s essential to find one that fits your budget by conducting research.
2. Consider your lifestyle. If you have children look for neighborhoods with plenty of parks and reputable schools. If outdoor activities are important to you consider neighborhoods near the mountains or the seaside.
3. Factor in your commute. If you work in downtown Los Angeles choosing a neighborhood with access to highways would be beneficial.
4. Explore the neighborhood firsthand. Spend some time driving and talking to locals to get a feel for the area and determine if it aligns with your preferences.

By following these guidelines you’ll be able to make a decision about which Huntington Beach neighborhood’s right, for you.
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