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Top 10 best places to eat in Laguna Hills

Top 10 best places to eat in Laguna Hills

I’ve been a resident of Laguna Hills, for the five years allowing me to explore and experience dining establishments in town.

Here I would like to share my ten recommendations for the places to enjoy a meal in Laguna Hills:

1. Kings Fish House

This restaurant impresses with its commitment to serving seafood while emphasizing sustainability. Personally I highly recommend their grilled salmon, cioppino and clam chowder.

2. Ironwood

A hidden gem within our neighborhood Ironwood offers American comfort food with a delightful modern twist. Their grilled cheese sandwich tomato soup and chocolate chip cookies are simply amazing.

3. Lulus Creperie Cafe

Transporting you to France with its inspired ambiance Lulus Creperie Cafe boasts an array of savory crepes alongside salads, sandwiches and coffee options. Don’t miss out on their Nutella crepe, ham and cheese crepe or French onion soup.

4. Pizza 900

If you’re craving New York style pizza topped how you like it look no further, than Pizza 900. Their pepperoni pizza never disappoints while their white pizza and garlic knots are equally delightful.

5. Natraj Cuisine of India

For an dining experience showcasing traditional flavors and tandoori oven specialties alike Natraj Cuisine of India is a must visit spot. My personal favorites include the chicken tikka masala, paneer (spinach curry with cheese) and samosas ( pastries).

6.Flamingos Mexican Grill

For, over three decades this charming Mexican restaurant, run by a knit family has delighted customers with its Mexican dishes. Personally I find their enchiladas, burritos and flan absolutely delightful.

7. Romano Cucina

At this eatery, you can savor an array of traditional Italian delicacies alongside pizzas and pasta creations. The spaghetti and meatballs lasagna and tiramisu are among my favorites.

8. California Pizza Kitchen

Inspired by the flavors of California cuisine this restaurant offers a selection of pizzas salads and pasta dishes. My taste buds rejoice for their BBQ chicken pizza, Greek salad and fettuccine Alfredo.

9. Greek Bistro

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Greece at this eatery that showcases a diverse range of Greek specialties like moussaka and souvlaki. The gyro wrap is simply divine along with the hummus and luscious baklava.

10. Scratch Bakery Cafe

Indulge in delights at this bakery cum cafe where you’ll find an assortment of freshly baked pastries as well as scrumptious sandwiches and refreshing salads. The chocolate croissant is bliss while the turkey sandwich paired with a Caesar salad hits all the notes.


These eateries are a glimpse, into the wonders that await you in Laguna Hills. With such an abundance of options to choose from there’s no doubt that you’ll discover something to your palate.

Apart, from these eateries Laguna Hills also boasts other attractions for visitors, which include:

1- An alluring town center complete with a diverse range of shops and restaurants.
2- Numerous parks and recreational areas for outdoor enthusiasts.
3- An array of events like the Laguna Hills Summerfest and the Laguna Hills Art Festival.
4- A thriving arts and cultural scene that adds vibrancy to the city.
5- A warm and welcoming community atmosphere that gives you a sense of belonging.

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