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Top 10 Neighborhoods to Call Home in Summerville

Summerville, South Carolina is a town that boasts a past breathtaking landscapes and a thriving community. Its convenient proximity, to Charleston allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. The charm of a town and the convenience of a city.

If you’re considering making Summerville your new home here are ten neighborhoods exploring;

1. Azalea Park

Azalea Park is a neighborhood that blends antebellum homes cozy Craftsman bungalows and modern new constructions. One of its highlights is the Azalea Park itself which hosts the loved Flowertown Festival every year.

2. The Ponds

The Ponds is a planned community offering resort style amenities like a swimming pool well equipped fitness center and an inviting clubhouse. Additionally it’s home to Pinewood Preparatory School known for its reputation.

3. Nexton

Nexton stands out as a mixed use community where you can find an array of residences alongside businesses and shops. It’s also proud to have Summerville Medical Center within its borders. A hospital providing medical services.

4. Summers Corner

Summers Corner captures attention as a designed community featuring housing options such as single family homes, townhomes and condominiums. Golf enthusiasts will particularly appreciate Summers Corner Golf Club. A 18 hole course, within the neighborhood.

5.Wescott Plantation

The Wescott Plantation is a neighborhood that boasts a history and diverse range of homes. You’ll find everything, from mansions to cozy Craftsman bungalows and modern new constructions. Adding to its appeal the neighborhood is also home to the Wescott Plantation Golf Club, a destination for golf enthusiasts.

6. Dorchester

Dorchester is a neighborhood that offers a delightful blend of architectural styles. Within its enchanting streets you’ll discover homes charming Craftsman bungalows and contemporary new constructions. Notably Dorchester District Two schools are nestled within this community widely recognized as some of the rated institutions in the state.

7. Oakbrook

Oakbrook stands out as a neighborhood for families with its diverse selection of homes. Whether you’re looking for single family houses, townhomes or condominiums Oakbrook has it all! Additionally residents can enjoy parks within the area. Among them is Oakbrook Park. A place featuring playgrounds picnic tables perfect for gatherings and scenic walking trails.

8. Indian Hill

Nestled in tranquility lies Indian Hill. A neighborhood offering an array of housing options ranging from single family residences to townhomes and condominiums. Residents can also take advantage of parks available nearby. One such gem is Indian Hill Park which offers amenities like playgrounds for childrens enjoyment alongside inviting picnic areas and even a basketball court.

9. Carriage Hill

Carriage Hill embodies modernity with its construction properties that cater to lifestyles such, as single family homes, townhomes,
and condominiums.
The Carriage Hill Country Club is a liked 18 hole course situated in the neighborhood.

10. Shadowmoss

Shadowmoss is a neighborhood that offers a variety of housing options, including single family homes, townhomes and condominiums. It also boasts parks, such, as Shadowmoss Park, which features amenities like a playground, picnic area and tennis court.

Summerville has a neighborhood to suit every lifestyle and budget. Its picturesque landscapes, charming communities and lively atmosphere make it an ideal place to call home.

When selecting a neighborhood in Summerville consider these factors;

  • Education; If you have children take into account the quality of schools in the area.
  • Facilities; Think about the amenities that matter most to you—whether it’s parks, pools or golf courses.
  • Proximity to work; If you commute to work evaluate how close the neighborhood is to your workplace.
  • Financial considerations; Ensure that your chosen neighborhood aligns with your budget.

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