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Why a Realtor®

Why a Realtor®?

In todays ever fluctuating market of pricing and interest rates, having a Realtor® when you buy or sell your home just makes sense. In 2021, according to statistics, 7% of all homes were For Sale By Owner Homes (FSBO’S). The lowest since 1981. FSBO homes sold for a median national price of around $260,000 almost $60,000 less than Realtor® represented homes. When you consider the average Seller Marketing Fee on a median priced home in 2021 would have been about $15000 you are still averaging $45000 more in your pocket.

Whether you are buying or selling, a Realtor® offers many services you may need during the process that you either can’t do logistically, or are not experienced at. From the very beginning when selling, the Realtor® is busy gathering pertinent info on the house, doing comparative market analysis (CMA), helping you stage pictures for the home, and working with you on showing times and schedules that match yours. They are handling all the required forms the market requires for the transaction, and they are going over one by one the offers made and what your bottom line take away is, before you make a decision or counter offer. Add to that the fact that most Realtors® have many years of negotiation experience, you can see why that price gap is so wide.

When buying your home, whether it is your first or not, your Realtor will have lenders waiting who have access to the most current rate friendly programs. They will be available to you when you need to see homes, and will do the searching for you based on the criteria you provide. As a buyer most of the time, around 99%, the seller is paying for the Realtor® fees, so it costs you nothing in most cases. Buying a home can be stressful. Good stress, but stress none the less. Realtors® provide problem solving skills and in most cases will have solved the issue before telling you there was one. Your “Job” during the process becomes a much more simple one, Get approved for the financing, pick a home, and the Realtor® will pretty much take it from there. Helping you construct a viable offer, helping you get inspections or surveys ordered and done by competent, competitively priced vendors. Finally, getting you ready to close and across the finish line.

When I became a Realtor®, my mentor told me that “you will be everything from a Realtor® to a therapist” during most transactions, but more than that, I have found that I truly become friends with them. and part of their family. I think the majority of Realtors® feel that way about their clients. I still get invited to weddings and Birthday events from some of the first families I worked with. Remember the money you believe you are saving working without a Realtor®, is very rarely worth the cost personally or financially.

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