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Welcome to Designated Local Expert™

Designated Local Expert Network provides selected brokers & agents a surrogate identity for business branding that is truly unique, easily memorable, and confers market specialization consistent with deep expertise.

Buyers, and more importantly sellers, want to work with a realtor who they perceive as a local expert backed by a global company’s connections and resources.

Our Services

Google business Profile

Your online office presence – your Google Business Profile – is made to rank higher in search results by DLE actions and techniques.

Marketing to Sellers

Find GOLD on your farm – the address of a homeowner thinking of selling – using DLE print campaigns.

Marketing to Buyers

DLE’s Listing Sign strategy takes the power away from online platforms that repackage your content and sell it to your competitors.

Lifestyle Branding

Demonstrate your pride in both your community and your role as a leading agent who is focused on marketing the local lifestyle. 

DLE Network Quick Facts

Welcome to The Designated Local Expert Network. Congratulations for being selected! You are now part of the most powerful and exclusive real estate network in the country.

Your membership is to an exclusive network. There is only ONE per locale, and there’s a reason other people want what you have. Your trademarked designation as (Mr. | Ms. City name) gives you a potent combination of branding –the global resources and connections your firm provides coupled with your focused local market specialization, and therefore expertise. Our goal is to make you the dominant agent in your city and keep you top of mind with potential clients as THE local expert at marketing and selling your city’s lifestyle. Your new surrogate identity makes you easy to remember and turns you into a local celebrity.

Let’s talk some facts about competition and your ability to differentiate yourself. There are millions of realtors in the United States and on average 7 realtors for every listing in your city or neighborhood – it’s an over saturated industry. All the major brokerage firms claim global connections and vast resources. How do you stand out? Being branded as Mr. or Ms. city name is a unique competitive advantage and combined with the support of your firm’s resources, is a brand home owners desire and need. When looking for a realtor for both buying and selling, three characteristics make all the difference:

#1 They want a realtor they feel they like, know, and trust.

#2 They want a realtor who’s name they can remember, sounds familiar, or implies “local area expert” at marketing and selling their home and lifestyle.

#3 They want a realtor that’s both credible and confident that they can sell their home for the most money, in the shortest time, at the most favorable terms.

Your DLE surrogate name is powerful by itself. But your affiliation with the DLE network doesn’t end there. We help you with a suite of tools and tactics that will be integrated with your DLE name to drive better results from all your marketing efforts. Our onboarding program and coaching sessions will show you the way. Without paying ad placement fees, we will help you dramatically improve your Google search results. We will show you how to leverage your listings with our proven indirect marketing sign rider tactics to take power away from online companies such as Zillow and Realtor.com who repackage your content and photos and sell your leads to your local competitors. We will help you bolster your brand with various branding tools that have proven to work. The result? A dramatic increase the volume of local listing leads coming your way.

Get ready. You’ve entered a game changing environment, thats built to make you a successful real estate celebrity in your chosen town, dominate your niche and live a local listing agent lifestyle!

This exclusive designation provides the most unique, timeless, and powerful title that will allow you to dominate your City and win more local listings. The exclusive designation as (Mr. | Ms. City name) gives you the most powerful combination of branding in the industry: a Local Expert with your firm’s global connections.

Become a local celebrity and stay top of mind with your community as the exclusive local expert at marketing and selling your City’s lifestyle. We only select one Mr. or Ms. – per locale with the DLE program throughout the United States & Canada. Real Estate is about relationships and being recognized by your community as the local expert and staying top of mind. Real Estate is one of the most competitive fields in the modern economy. Being selected for this program is one of the highest honors we offer to our agents. With this designation, we have an exclusive program that will show you how to leverage and integrate this title into your business to dominate your city. The designation offers you a unique niche, turns you into a local celebrity and offers a true competitive advantage. We know If you don’t stand out, you don’t stand a chance.

#1) Exclusive right to use trademarked protected brand identity for your chosen locale.

#2) If desired, we can provide assistance through our partners to create or improve your Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business) This includes search engine optimization (SEO) built on integrations with social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. It can also include your own website. Our team will show you how to infuse your photos and video with metadata such as key words and geotags. All these elements work in concert to rank you highly in Google search results and generate more local leads.

#3) Short Code Messaging platform with your own short code (such as your designated city name) for use with listing signs and print mail campaigns. You’ll be able to simply add a message such as “Text <your key word> to 88000” to efficiently communicate with prospects, gather prospect information, and generate inquiries.

#4) Sample marketing materials and content for magazines and other print mail. Campaign material samples, ideas for ad specialty item, and a gift customized for you to get you started in projecting your image of a local real estate expert.

#5) Active support community through:

• On-boarding courses designed to maximize your use of DLE system, tools, and tactics

• Coaching as requested

• DLEN Member Communications

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