DLE Network

Designated Local Expert’s System to Grow Your Business

Our System

Introducing a demonstrably unique platform developed specifically to support agents pursuing a hyper-local strategy by giving them an exclusive brand for use in tending their Geo Farm.

Google business Profile

Your online office presence – your Google Business Profile – is made to rank higher in search results by DLE actions and techniques.
Your DLE brand name includes search terms potential clients use.
Our SEO team provides Meta Data infusions of your photo & video images to make ALL image postings help your search ranking.

Marketing to Sellers

Find GOLD on your farm – the address of a homeowner thinking of selling – using DLE print campaigns.
DLE content and techniques is designed to elicit a response from those thinking of selling.
DLE specializes in high quality print pieces for direct mail or other distribution methods at attractive costs.

Marketing to Buyers

DLE’s Listing Sign strategy takes the power away from online platforms that repackage your content and sell it to your competitors.
DLE’s strategy and tools, including a short code messaging system, returns the power to YOU by directing leads directly to your cellphone.

Lifestyle Branding

Demonstrate your pride in both your community and your role as a leading agent who is focused on marketing the local lifestyle. Your apparel, car, and other business tools carrying your business name of Mr|Ms CityName will generate inquiries and tell prospects you’re serious about being a local market expert.


A recent study by one of the world’s largest brands found that among agents, those who earned and maintained the Mr. Cali Local Agent City Designation™ acquired more local listings and became the most dominate and exclusive listing agents in their niche compared to any other brand, offering a true unique competitive advantage

Become a local celebrity and stay top of mind with your community as the exclusive local area expert at marketing and selling your city’s lifestyle. Turn your city into your GEO Farm & Capture local Market share.

The 5 Most Common Realtor Challenges & DLE Solutions

Why consistently Every Door Direct mail (EDDM) 8 page Luxury Magazines & notepads with your designation to your city?

Realtors ® from around the country report that full-color custom promotional local Magazines are their most effective listing marketing tool. Why? Because unlike social media posts that might be seen momentarily before being toppled by the next incoming feed, Magazines are kept and have a unique long lasting “shelf life”.This combined with your DLE Identity™ will be seen one time by a home owner and they will never forget you. Because unlike postcards, door hangers and brochures, which just get thrown in the trash, magazines are kept and used! 

The marketing we provide on the magazines is designed to elicit a direct response from home owners thinking of selling. We have created a powerful combination of tech with smart sms code direct response with hard print mail products home owners love. A home owner thinking of selling their home either wants their instant home value & offer or one of the free consumer reports we provide. We provide all of the content for the magazines and When a home owner goes to the landing page we provide to you, you will get the name, address and email address of a home owner thinking of selling. we open the door for you to set a listing appointment and this is done through follow up with our home buyer/ seller guide and newsletters content we provide. Remember, the money is in the follow up.

Why use SMS DLE Sign riders and SMS for print marketing?

You can launch mass messaging campaigns straight through the DLE a network.