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10 Best Places For Snowbirds to Spend the Winter Months

10 Best Places For Snowbirds to Spend the Winter Months

Some individuals, those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding have an appreciation, for winter and choose to reside in snowy cities like Denver. On the hand there are people who do not engage in winter sports and opt to call cities such as Minneapolis, Minnesota or Burlington, Vermont home for reasons like family ties or the abundance of lakes in Minnesota.

For those who’re not fans of winter weather but live in snowy cities the solution lies in snowbirding!

Curious about what a snowbird’s ?

A snowbird is someone who migrates from a region to an one during the winter months. This escape to a city with temperatures not helps avoid the harshness of winter but also fulfills ones desire for travel.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic?

The only decision left is where to go. What are some of the destinations in America for snowbirds seeking refuge from winter?

While locations like Maui or San Diego are renowned for their year round climates and are choices, among snowbirds there are numerous other destinations worth considering as well.Some cities that may not immediately come to mind as popular snowbird destinations still have their advantages; these frequented cities tend to be more affordable making them appealing options, for those looking to escape the winter on a budget.

If you’re considering saying goodbye to the weather here are a budget friendly snowbird destinations in the U.S. Worth exploring.

1. Boca Raton, Florida

Among the spots in the country is Boca Raton. With average temperatures hovering around 74 degrees from October to March and over 20 miles of beaches Boca Raton offers a winter retreat for snowbirds in Florida.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

Thinking about spending your winter as a snowbird in Hawaii? A list of prime snowbird destinations wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Honolulu. Why shovel snow when you could be enjoying the sun, sand and surf at Waikiki Beach? Honolulu also serves as a starting point if you’re considering venturing out to locations, like Indonesia during your winter travels.

3.Gilbert, Arizona

Located a 30 minute drive south of Phoenix Gilbert is a suburb that has gained popularity among snowbirds who love golf. With, over 300 golf courses to choose from there are also plenty of activities to enjoy in the city like hiking, horseback riding, birdwatching and more.

4.Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

If you’re considering snowbirding in South Carolina Mount Pleasant is worth a visit. This delightful town offers piers, beautiful parks and delicious southern barbecue. Architecture enthusiasts will appreciate the pastel Georgian rowhouses that add charm to the area.

5.Jupiter, Florida

For budget destinations Jupiter is an excellent choice – especially for older snowbirds seeking an active 55+ community. Many of the 144,000 residents who flock to Palm Beach County in winter choose to stay in Jupiters scenic campgrounds. If camping isn’t your style there are also plenty of cottages for rent.

6.Tucson, Arizona

While Tucson may not be the pick for snowbirding in Arizona for some people this eclectic college town adds a touch, to the list.
With 350 days of sunshine this sunny locale is also designated as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy making it a haven, for food enthusiasts who seek endless culinary delights.

7. South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island stands out as a destination for snowbirds in Texas. The island buzzes with events and activities tailored to cater to snowbirds who gravitate towards its condos, beach houses and RV campgrounds. With winter temperatures dropping below the mid 60s this coastal retreat is gaining popularity among snowbirds from all corners of North America.

8. Savannah, Georgia

Known for its art college, charming southern squares and popular dining spots Savannah offers something for everyone seeking a winter respite in Georgia. Additionally being a drive away from Atlanta allows easy access to the amenities of a big city with just a weekend getaway.

9. Santa Barbara, California

During the winter months in Santa Barbara rainy days are few and far between. Apart from that this vibrant beach town mellows out in winter to provide an escape for snowbirding in California. An added bonus? The city serves as a spot to witness Monarch butterflies making their way, to Mexico during their annual winter migration.

10.Planning to spend the winter in North Carolina?

Consider Laurinburg, a known gem perfect, for snowbirding. Nestled in the Sandhills region Laurinburg offers a small town vibe while being conveniently close to cities. Golf enthusiasts will be delighted with, over 40 golf courses to explore.

Ready to make your winter getaway dreams a reality?

Start your search today! Whether you’re looking to purchase a home or prefer renting before committing term your ideal snowbird abode is waiting for you!

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