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5 US Cities Where Home Values Are Up — And 5 Where They’re Down

5 US Cities Where Home Values Are Up – And 5 Where They’re Down

Home prices, in the United States have been steadily climbing in years. Not all cities are experiencing the same trend. While some cities are seeing an increase in home values others are witnessing a decline.

Here are five cities in the US where home values have risen;

1. Tampa, Florida;

The housing market in Tampa has witnessed a 34% increase in home values over the year. This growth can be attributed to factors such as its popularity as a tourist destination, a thriving tech industry and affordable housing prices that attract buyers from across the country.

2. Austin, Texas;

Austin has experienced a 30% rise in home values during the year. The citys status as a hub for Fortune 500 companies and its vibrant tech scene contribute to its appeal. Additionally Austins warm climate and relaxed lifestyle make it an attractive choice for buyers.

3. Phoenix, Arizona;

Over the year Phoenix has seen a 28% increase in home values. With its reputation as a sought after retirement destination and growing presence within the tech industry, coupled with affordable housing options and pleasant weather conditions it continues to draw interest from buyers.

4. Charlotte, North Carolina;

Charlottes real estate market has observed a surge of 26% growth, in home values over the year.

These are some cities where home prices have gone down;

  • Boise, Idaho; In Boise home prices have dropped by 10.5% over the year. While it was a choice, for homebuyers during the pandemic demand has cooled off since then.
  • Ogden, Utah; Home prices in Ogden have decreased by 3.8% in the year. Situated north of Salt Lake City Ogden is known for its recreational opportunities. However its economy heavily relies on tourism, which has been affected by the pandemic.
  • Stockton, California; Over the year home values in Stockton have decreased by 3.7%. This city is located in Californias Central Valley. Is home, to agricultural businesses.
    However the economy of this place has faced challenges in times. Its crime rate is, among the highest in the entire state.
  • Provo, Utah; In the year home values in Provo have experienced a decline of 3.5%. This city is renowned for Brigham Young University and its strong emphasis on family values. However it heavily relies on the university for stability. Unfortunately the job market has been affected by the ongoing pandemic.
  • Spokane, Washington; Over the year home values in Spokane have seen a decrease of 3.3%. Located in Washington this city offers opportunities for outdoor recreation. Nevertheless its economy heavily depends on the timber industry which has been facing difficulties lately.

It’s essential to bear in mind that housing market conditions are subject, to change. What holds true today may not hold true tomorrow. It’s always wise to conduct research and consult with a real estate agent before making any decisions regarding buying or selling a property.

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