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6 Creative Ways to Fund Your Home Renovations

6 Creative Ways to Fund Your Home Renovations

If you’re looking for ways to finance your home improvements you’re not alone. It’s common, for half of homeowners planning renovations to face challenges in determining how to cover the expenses. While many homeowners choose to pay for improvements using cash or debit cards (57 percent). By paying off their credit card bills (27 percent) others explore alternative methods to gather enough funds and bring their dream homes to life. Here we’ll explore some of these approaches that could potentially assist you in building your home.

1. Consider Mortgage Refinancing

Refinancing your home offers an option for setting aside cash each month that can be allocated towards home renovations. Depending on your existing interest rate it may be possible to refinance at a rate and/or extend the loan term resulting in reduced mortgage payments. This allows you to accumulate savings until you’re ready to embark on your renovation journey.

If you possess equity in your home a quicker strategy is opting for a cash out refinance. By pursuing this route you can refinance your loan with an one that exceeds the amount owed enabling access, to funds needed for significant projects.
That way you can pay off your mortgage. Still have some extra money to renovate your home according to your preferences.

Deciding whether to refinance your mortgage is a choice. Its important to consider the long term cost of the refinance. To help you determine if refinancing is suitable, for you you can use our refinance calculator to estimate savings. Additionally you can explore refinance rates from lenders in a confidential manner.

2. Consider a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

If you already have an interest rate on your mortgage or if you have already fully repaid your loan refinancing may not be the best option for you. However an alternative solution is obtaining a HELOC to leverage the equity in your home for funding home renovations without going through the process of refinancing. A HELOC functions to a credit card as it provides access to a predetermined borrowing limit. However due to its secured nature with your property as collateral the interest rate will be significantly lower compared to that of a credit card. While a HELOC typically offers an interest rate there are also options, for fixed rate advances if you prefer stability and predictability.

One major advantage of HELOCs, in the past was the ability to deduct the interest paid on them from taxes up to $100,000. However with the changes in tax laws interest free HELOCs now come with conditions. The significant condition is that the funds must be used for home improvement purposes. This is news if you’re planning to use this money for your home renovation project.

3. Consider taking out a home equity loan as an option.

Homeowners can tap into their equity without having to refinance their mortgage through this type of loan. Unlike a HELOC where you can borrow as needed from a line of credit a home equity loan requires you to take out all the cash at once. Keep in mind that since its a fixed rate loan the interest rate on a home equity loan is generally higher than a rate offered by a HELOC. Home equity loans are often referred to as ” mortgages” because many homeowners obtain them in addition to their mortgage. However it’s worth noting that having a mortgage is not necessary to qualify for a home equity loan.

Choosing between a home equity loan, cash, out refinance or HELOC can be. Depends on your circumstances.
When considering a loan it’s always an idea to consult with a lender and find the option that suits you best.

4. Seek help, from family and friends

If the traditional routes don’t seem suitable for you you can turn to your parents or other family members for assistance in funding your renovations. They may be able to provide support through a loan or as a gift. Another option is to ask your wedding guests for cash contributions towards your remodel of registry gifts.

5. Explore ways to earn money

While it may not be ideal for everyone having a side job alongside your 9 to 5 can help you save money faster. The great thing is that there are ways to increase your income. For example if you have space in your home consider renting out a bedroom either to roommates or occasional travelers, on short term stays.

6)Do you happen to have a parking space in your driveway?

Depending on your location there might be people to pay for the opportunity to park their car in your spot. The same applies to spaces such, as garages or sheds. Traditional storage units can be quite expensive. You could consider renting out your space to a trusted neighbor

Do you find modes of transportation for your commute instead of relying on your car? If so there are services that can help connect you with individuals who’re interested in renting your car for a day or even longer periods of time. Speaking of driving becoming a driver for car sharing apps could potentially be a way to earn some money towards those desired home improvements.

If driving isn’t your preference or if you’re uncomfortable with having strangers in your home there are still ways to generate additional income. You could explore options like dog walking, house sitting or selling crafts either online or to colleagues and friends.

Another approach worth considering is taking a stance, towards saving money. Although it may require some time and effort traditional savings methods remain one of the employed means by which people finance their home improvement projects.
If you find ways to reduce expenses in areas or save money on items you may be surprised, at how quickly the savings accumulate in a home improvement fund!

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