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Budgeting for Your First Home in Long Beach

Budgeting for Your First Home in Long Beach

Buying a house is a milestone, in life. It’s a challenging endeavor particularly when it comes to managing your finances. With various expenses to consider it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

This blog post aims to provide a step by step guide for individuals looking to buy their home or those interested in purchasing property in Long Beach, California. We will cover topics such as budgeting, financing options, the process of searching for a home and the necessary steps for closing the deal.


The initial step towards buying a home involves creating a budget. This will help you determine how money you can allocate towards a payment, monthly mortgage payments and other associated costs.

Below are some tips, for budgeting when purchasing a home;

  1.  Start by calculating your income. Include your salary, wages and any additional sources of income.
  2.  Assess your expenses which encompass housing costs, transportation expenses, food expenditures and other essential outlays.
  3.  Subtract your expenses from your income; this will give you an idea of how much money remains each month that can be saved for the payment and closing costs.
  4.  Establish a savings goalIt’s advisable to aim for a payment that covers least 20% of your homes purchase price. This way you can avoid having to pay for mortgage insurance (PMI).

Start by creating a budget that outlines how you intend to allocate your savings once you have an idea of the amount of money you have. Remember to include all the costs associated with buying a home, such, as the payment, closing costs, moving expenses and potential expenses for furniture.
Once your budget is prepared it’s time to consider financing options. Different types of loans are available so it’s important to consult with a lender who can help you find the fit for your circumstances.
Here are some used types of home loans:

Conventional loans:

These are widely used and can be obtained from banks and credit unions. To qualify for a loan you’ll typically need a payment of at least 20% and a good credit score.
FHA loans:

Insured by the Federal Housing Administration FHA loans can be beneficial, for first time homebuyers who have credit scores or smaller down payments.
VA loans:

Veterans and active duty military personnel can access VA loans, which do not require a payment and have flexible credit requirements compared to other loan types.
USDA loans:

Individuals purchasing homes, in areas can avail USDA loans, which also do not require a payment and offer competitive interest rates.
The Home Search Process

Once your loan has been approved you can begin searching for your dream home. This is a sometimes overwhelming experience as there are factors to consider such as location, price, size and features.

Here are a few tips for finding the home;

  1.  Start by creating a list of your must haves and additional nice, to haves. This will aid in narrowing down your options.
  2.  Collaborate with a real estate agent who can assist you in finding homes that meet your criteria and negotiate on your behalf.
  3.  Make it a point to visit homes in person before making an offer. It’s crucial to get a sense of the neighborhood and examine the property firsthand.

Closing Procedures

After discovering a home that you adore and having your offer accepted the final step, in the home buying process is going through the closing procedures. This stage can be quite intricate.

Here are a things you should anticipate during the closing process;

  1.  Signing a purchase agreement; It’s essential to sign this binding contract that outlines all the terms of the sale.
  2.  Obtaining homeowners insurance; This step ensures protection in case your home sustains any damage.
  3.  Paying closing costs; These fees, which usually range from 2 5% of the homes purchase price are associated with buying a home.


Purchasing a home is a decision that brings rewards. By planning and budgeting you can transform your dream of owning a home into reality.

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